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Hello there! We are Bears & Vodka, a project about Russian people, culture, politics, history and, above all, how to live with all that. We create articles, photo sets, videos, and public lectures. And blinis.

The crew

If you are into such weird stuff as hard work, mad sleepovers and journalism in English, we might help you pass the time. Contact us on Facebook.

Irina Vodka is the host, the face, and the soul of the operation.
Slava Moroz is senior space officer. Has ideas, makes them happen.
Slavik Tribes is the video mastermind. Makes the production.
Marina Taiga is social genius and script master for Russia Alright.
Max Bears is founder and website chief. Hangs about with a serious look on his face.

Keeping our spirits up: Marina Submarina and Irina Trespadres, Vera Crandell,  Tanya Khokhloma, Mrs. Oxana Bears, Mr. and Mrs. Max & Julia Sturgeon.

Previously on the team: Ksenia Sputnik and Bread Leigh.

The evolution of B&V
(in Russian)

Website Bearsandvodka.com designed by Max Bears and Alexander Deykov, developed by Alexey Cherenkevich in 2013.


The best way to contact us is through facebook.com/bearsvodka

How we roll

In 2010, we made a poster. There are are still some left Our photo sets are usually quite epic Everything we touch turns into foodLike everything in Russia, the action is in the kitchen Once we made a vodka photo set, and then drank it up We have sleepovers These two are inseparable This is Irina Vodka. Say Hi Slava Moroz wears this sticker Vera and Julia do the dance We shot this clip, but failed to edit it, so it's still iunder way We once made a video about hats, but it's taking ages to produce DIY video production Meet Babushka Vera Being hip is our thing JE4GKnPkXVg 6YhONe4ZwdI J9XdH1jC4iU UoCDgo63Bes m3jG-dum3ec

Public lectures

We host lectures on Russian culture, history, stereotypes and the Russian language. If you feel like your community, office or students could benefit from an English-speaking lecturer on everything Russian, contact us on Facebook

In 2013, we hosted a series of lectures on Russian culture and history in Gorky Park in Moscow.


In December 2013, we did a lecture at Chitalka, a cafe & book club in Moscow.

Bears & Vodka started on Jan. 3, 2010.