Putin Painted

Painter Alexander Akopov is now known for creating a series of paintings depicting president Putin and head of government Medvedev in quality together-time, as a tandem.

The word tandem has become characteristic of the political duo. In fact, it has become so characteristic, only parajumpers and cyclist would ever use it in any other meaning than this:

Need more Putin? Just check out these other paintings of Russia’s most presidential action hero:

If you’ve been on the Russian internets, you’ve got to have seen this next one. Putin Saves Russia, by V. Mamatkazin, now displayed in United Russia’s headquarters, to the awe and admiration of every living thing in the Universe.

Putin Saves Russia

Oh God, there’s more. No. No! STAHP!

By Max Bears

Not much is known about Max Bears, except for his obsession with the Russian language and Apple products. Sometimes seen on a bicycle around downtown Moscow, he is indistinguishable from the wild bears that roam the streets of Russia's capital.