Russian Tea Party

Russians boast a wide selection of sweets and pastry that go with tea. While the tea part is normally black Indian tea, currently widely replaced by Lipton sachets.

A samovar is a traditional 3 to 5-litre tea kettle running on pine cones or electricity. Able to keep water hot, it is the center of attention at Russian tea parties.

Kozinakis are sunflower seeds pressed together in caramel or honey. A rather filling and satisfying treat, especially when done the right way.

When asking to join for tea, Russians expect you to go all the way, with sweets, pastry and at least 4-5 cups of tea. Russian tea normally comes after a Russian meal. A full-hearted 3-hour-long and 4-5-course meal. Be there. Experience that once.

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And if this still leaves you hungry, take some home. Like these wallpapers we’ve brought together for your enjoyment.

The Russian Tea Party Wallpaper Pack (7.9 MB)

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