Vintazh — Mikki

Vintazh (Vintage) is a somewhat successful pop project known for trying to be epic in most of its production. Starting from a screamingly provocative video with a strong BDSM flavor, on to stories about prostitutes and Barbie dolls, they make a reputation of a pop project that has something to say.

The reason we are showing them is this next video dedicated to Michael Jackson. Remember to enable captions.

So it is a sad story about pop culture, entertainers and all the things designed in California and made in China. It’s funny, though, how they try to multi-touch a PSP screen.

If you look at this next backstage video, you’ll see some solid dancing involved in the making of the video. Guys in the first half are Scotch—a prominent dance crew that performs the choreography almost everywhere it fits. You may just skip over their chatter to 0:59.

But jokes apart, there is some serious effort put into this little piece. Not to mention the message that it is really trying to get across. So if Russia is bears and vodka then America is what? Mickey and Jacko?

By Max Bears

Not much is known about Max Bears, except for his obsession with the Russian language and Apple products. Sometimes seen on a bicycle around downtown Moscow, he is indistinguishable from the wild bears that roam the streets of Russia's capital.